God has been good to me

August 13, 2016
George Henry Dr Wayne Wesley

There are many Christians who believe that the blessings of God extend far beyond man being saved by the Creator; and that if one lives a life to please Him, one will eventually enter His Kingdom when He returns.

Dr Wayne Wesley of the Eastwood Park New Testament Church of God, where he currently serves as a member of the ministerial team, strongly believes this statement. Wesley, who surrendered his life to the Lord more than 30 years ago, testified that he is happy that his life is in the hands of God; but he is more excited about the blessings which the Lord has bestowed upon him from an early age until this present time.

"God has saved my soul. He really touched my heart; and ever since I accepted Him as my personal Saviour my life has never been the same. In fact, I attribute all my successes in life to the fact that Jesus Christ did come and make a difference in my life. Growing up in the inner city of Trench Town then, and being exposed to poverty in certain respect and going to school and being unable to perform well; I remember saying to Him, 'God, if you let me pass my Technical Entrance Examination I will serve You'," reminisced Wesley.

The churchman testified that his conviction came before the result, for his examination. The result, he acknowledged, was a confirmation for him to pass for a place at the St Andrew Technical High School. This confirmation, Wesley said, came after he had failed the Common Entrance Examination several times.

He testified that he experienced many difficulties while growing up, and explained that at one point his mother had to tie him to a bedside for him to be able to learn to read. He added that that was done because his mother wanted him to understand that in order for him to get out of poverty he had to acquire his education.

Wesley, who currently works as the executive director of the HEART Trust/NTA, shared that he learnt to read in Sunday school where he was laughed at by persons when he was unable to pronounce certain words properly.

"But who is laughing now? God has really been miraculous. When I went to St Andrew Technical High School, He allowed me to perform well and to be top boy of the year in my form. Going forward I rose to the level of deputy head boy; all this time still making my commitment to God, because one of my mottos is Philippians 4:13, 'I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me'," noted Wesley.

He added that education without Christ is failure, and that salvation is critical to the success and fulfilment of any individual who wants to accelerate and become a productive and successful citizen. Wesley bragged that God has elevated him to positions of prominence in society not because of his affiliation with others, but because He has promised to exalt those who humble themselves.

Wesley wants all Christians to remain with God because He will always be our shield and buckler. He noted that he has been victorious because God has been good.

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