Fass & Curious : Shocking abuse from municipal police

August 15, 2016
Pepper spray

What a gwaan wid unuh dis week?! Last Thursday, I was downtown, Kingston. I happened to be walking back to the taxi stand with my girlfriend and my child when I witnessed a most unfortunate act of brutality.

A group of municipal police apprehended a young man and subjected him to untold torture. These municipal police, who were wearing blue uniforms, really seemed to be up to no good. One was holding the young man's hand behind him in a forceful manner as he cried and tried to explain something to someone.

"Mi nuh do nutten and dem hold on pon mi like dem wah charge mi wid someting," the young man said. He was clothed from the neck down to his socks. His tears made a pathway through the bleaching cream he had on his face.




Now, whether he did something is not my problem, but what happened next made no blasted sense. Can you imagine that even after they had successfully restrained the young man, who was placed in handcuffs, a member of the municipal police team attempted to pepper spray him? Had it not been for the cry of onlookers, including myself, he would have sprayed him right there with everyone, including kids being present.

What made matters worse was that members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, who are trained to serve and protect, were standing there looking at the clear act of brutality and were not willing to do anything about it. The red seam cops only reacted after the outcry from onlookers. Shameful!




The rage I was in that day, had he sprayed the young man with that pepper spray, I would have intervened, and only God knows what would have happened. Maybe you guys wouldn't have my column to read today.

I am really baffled by and outraged about this incident. Officer, why unuh must always misuse unuh power? Den unuh wonder why people react to unuh the way they do. Some of you have no regard for human lives or their rights. Unuh fi stop it!

To the Government of our precious Jamaica, I know we nuh have nuh behaviour sometimes, but I implore you - hire and train police to maintain professionalism and treat people with respect and stop treating civilians like we are all hooligans. If they continue this way, we are going to have a very serious problem in this country. I rest my likkle case! Unuh walk good!

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