My Confession : Haunted by the memories of abortion

August 19, 2016

When I was 16 years old, I found out that I was pregnant for my 27-year-old boyfriend. This was just a little before my graduation.

He said he wanted me to keep it because he was in a good job. He said he would take care of me and the baby.

I knew he would keep his word because he always took care of me, giving me money, and so on.

I really wanted to keep it, but that was next to impossible. My mother had a big position in church, and my father was very strict and proud.

They would cut me off completely because they always warned me about having sex and breeding too early.

It was like the worst thing I could ever do, like I could commit murder, and it wouldn't be as bad as getting pregnant in school.

I came from a very small community, so I knew that as soon as the belly started showing, it would be the talk of the town. Even when people put on regular weight, people spread rumour that it's baby weight, so imagine what would happen if dem hear say me a breed.

When I looked at all the shame and embarrassment it would cause my family, I couldn't keep it. I begged the my boyfriend for the money to get rid of it. He was reluctant because he really wanted the child, but he eventually gave in when I threatened to report him to the police.

Not a day goes by that I don't think about what my child would like right now, but I think it was for the best.

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