Dancers' Paradise : More promotion for 'Designer Wine'

August 26, 2016
Dadre Coleman

Overseas-based dancehall-soca artiste Dadre Coleman has been promoting her dance song, 'Designer Wine', for the last two years. The artiste, who recently spoke with 'Dancers Paradise', explained that the song needs time to marinate with music lovers.

Following in the footsteps of OMI, who released Cheerleader three years before seeing international success, and Kurt Riley, who coincidentally released Gyal Yu A Party Animal three years before achieving Billboard success, Coleman believes success is on its way for the dance record after two years in.

"I have been promoting the record for two years now and its currently being played on an international level. I am not surprised by the success of the record because the feedback has always been great and I have never met anyone that didn't like the song. I have been told by friends and people in the music industry that Designer Wine is a big song, so I'll keep promoting it until it gets the success it deserves. Dancing is the heartbeat of Jamaica and soon enough, they will all be dancing the Designer Wine," she said. Designer Wine was produced by Queste Production and already has an accompanying music video. The record has also been selected as the title track for an upcoming movie.

"We release too much songs at once in Jamaica and that sorta kills a lot of our products. So I am going to keep promoting this dance until the entire world is dancing. Rome wasn't built in a day and I don't expect success overnight, but I know that with the right commitment, this song will create an impact," said Coleman, who hails from Bybrook in Portland.

The artiste is also encouraging fans of dancing and Jamaican music to continue supporting the song, which has been added to playlists in the UK, Canada and USA.

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