Legal Wrangling: Fruit vendors to sue cousin for partner money

August 26, 2016

A fruit vendor is hopping mad at his cousin who has not been returning his telephone calls for the past four weeks because he does not want to pay him his $150,000.

According to the vendor, his cousin came to him last year and asked him to join a partner and pay $2,000 weekly. He agreed, and every week his cousin came and collected the money.

"I told my cousin that I wanted the last draw, which would be in the second week of July, because I wanted the money to buy back-to-school things for my three children," he said.

"My cousin, who is the banker for the partner, agreed to give me the last draw. He told me it was $2,000 per week and I really sacrificed to pay the money.

"I gave him a week to collect the money and I did not call him about it. I began telephoning him the last week in July about the money and he has refused to answer my calls. I even text him and got no response.

"Last week, I went to his house and his girlfriend told me he had gone to the country to look for a sick relative. I told her the situation about my money and she was honest enough to tell me that I was not the only person he owed partner draw. She said if she had known that I was going into the partner with him, she would warned me not to do so.

"Now it seems my $150,000 has gone down the drain. I feel helpless, stressed out and frustrated because that is the money I am depending on to buy back-to-school supplies for my three children.

"I did not want to go to my mother and sister to borrow any money from them. Now I have no other choice but to seek their help. It is very hard for me to understand how I worked so hard for my money and deprived myself of many things and now my very own cousin has robbed me.

"My friends have advised me to go to the police to have him locked up. I have decided against doing so because his mother was very kind to me when I was a child. One of my friends suggested that I could sue him for my $150,000 and I am really thinking about that. He has a motor car and expensive appliances and furniture at his house. I have proof that I paid him the money because each time I paid him, I demanded a receipt which states that it is for partner which ends in July," he said.

It is very good that you have your receipts to prove that you paid him the money. You can file a suit in the nearest parish court to recover your money. Once judgment is entered in your favour, if he does not pay the money, then you can get an order from the court for the bailiff to take possession of his goods and sell them for you to get the amount owing to you.

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