Testimony : God has always been good to me

August 27, 2016

The Reverend Authman Morgan, a retired police officer, confessed that some years ago when he entered the Police Training School, when it was located at Port Royal, Kingston, he was given the name 'Christian'.

"When I left home for the training school, I was the president for the youth fellowship at my church and I had some aspects of the Christian life. I was given the name Christian, but it was a name I did not like," said Morgan.

He further confessed that he wanted to behave like the other trainees at the institution, so to be called Christian was a bit pressuring for him. But regardless of what he was thinking or what he wanted to do at the time, the name stuck with him.

"But God was good to me. When I graduated from training school in 1977, following the state of emergency the year before, me and my fellow trainees were thinking as young cops that we would like to go into some rural areas, and not Kingston or St Catherine, but I was placed in Spanish Town," recalled Morgan.

Morgan shared that it was a turbulent time in Spanish Town because he was placed there during the period leading up to the 1980 general election.

"I wanted to be like some of the more popular cops who were around at the time. I wanted to be famous and popular, but I remember how God saved me on more than one occasion. He has done so many miracles in my life," he said.

Morgan, who currently pastors the Ebenezer Baptist Church at Four Paths in Clarendon and who has been saved for almost 50 years, testified that one day he and his colleagues went to a house in the St Catherine capital in search of men.

"The men were somewhere hiding in wait for us, as if they had got information that we were coming for them, but the Lord delivered me out of what could have been a real serious situation. The men actually identified me by the clothes I was wearing and all of that, but God spared me. The information I got was that the men had a gun pointed at me. I believe that God intervened on such an occasion for me," he said.

Morgan said he was delivered by the Lord from many similar situations because God had a plan for his life. He noted that at no point in time did he have any idea that he would have become a pastor.

"He kept me. I never had to kill anyone, although I wanted to, but He saved me from those situations. No one has ever hurt me physically. I give God thanks for all He has done for me, and for all that has been taking place in my life since," said Morgan.

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