Fass & Curious : Doing 'business' at the clinic

August 29, 2016

Hey my lovelies! Trust you had a great week and are now ready to take on this week with full force because if you have a line-up like myself, it may be a rough one.

Can't believe summer is almost over. Yup, time to send off the little rug rats to school lol! As usual, you will have the parents who have already made all the necessary preparations, and, of course, on the contrast, the ones who partied all summer long; buying hair, nails, clothes and shoes and doing God knows what. Now, they're hustling about trying to make ends meet! Hmm! I have a name fi unuh #careless! Unuh fi stop it! Is what?! Me nah chat nobody; just what I see happening all the time, but anyways, more important matters at hand!




I spoke about this issue before, but I never knew it was this serious, and it seem like it nuh matter which party in power, it's the same 'armshouse' gonna continue happening. I hope one a unuh weh can do something bout this situation, if yuh reading this ... I charge you to take some positive action!

Our medical system needs some serious readjustments. Like really, clinics open at 8 a.m. but people have to be lining up from 5/6 o'clock? Who does that?! You think that's bad?! There are people who actually camp out all night just to get an early number! There are people who actually charge patients $500-$1,000 to hold spots for them! Shocking? It was to me. Well, just the business part of it, but seriously?!

One woman was mad because she didn't get any front seat "for her clients". She was literally cussing people out of her chairs that she supposedly had secured. She was spitting venom as she looked at the people in the front row like she wished they would disappear. I heard her say to one woman, "A so yuh dweet? Yuh tek all a di front row fi yourself?!" The understanding is that she charges $1,000 per chair. Some of her clients weren't happy that they paid 'a gran' and weren't placed 1st-5th. Instead, they were close to 10th-place.

One lady said, "A so she awful. One day one pregnant lady give her $800 and she give back the woman, saying she want her $200 because is a business she a run! Wah hot was that the lady always a give her things!"

My eyes were bulging out of my head. I just couldn't believe what was being revealed to me. Hey mi a tell yuh, Jamaicans find every way fi hustle enuh. Cya hungry or too thirsty?! Hmm! Something to think about! But seriously though, Mr PM or MP, whoever you may be, unuh do something fast about this ridiculousness. People shouldn't have to lose sleep just to see a doctor. Unuh walk good!


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