My Confession : I stole my best friend's man

September 02, 2016

STAR, during high school I had a close friend and the two a we used to flirt with a lot of guys, especially the ones on the football team.

There was one 'baller' that mi did really like, but my friend started flirting with him, too until, it got serious between them.

Every day it killed me to see them together. Mi did only pretend fi be happy fi her, but deep down, mi did jealous. Sometimes when all a we plan to go out together, I would make sure me dress better than mi friend so that the guy could notice me.

Eventually, mi friend move go town fi college and it gave me the perfect opportunity with the guy. He was cut up over her moving and mi just maximise pon that.

Everytime she go parties, as I get the pictures, I showed them to him and tell him how mi hear say she gwaan bad at the party. And anything she mention about a man, I went back to the guy and told him about it, and extra it up.

All these things created a big problem between them, until she couldn't take it anymore and broke up with him.

Little bit after that, mi and the guy became official and mi friend malice the two a we. We only stayed together for a year then we broke up, because mi realise say he wasn't all that wonderful when me really get fi know him.

Although we leff good while now, the girl still hate me like poison fi take har man.

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