Fass & Curious : My meeting with P.J. Patterson

September 05, 2016

Have you ever crushed on someone practically your whole life? Most times, you would sit and have different visions of how your first meeting would go or what it would be like. You then meet the person, but none of the ways you envisioned the encounter played out, so you're left feeling like a wounded little girl with a broken heart. That was how I felt the other night after getting all excited to meet former Prime Minister P.J. Patterson.!

Now, don't get it twisted. This wasn't one of those scenarios where I was having some weird sexual fantasy or anything.

This man was a prominent leader of our country. My family loves him and I grew in awe of his noble ways as a leader. I'm not politically affiliated either, but I just always admire the way this gentleman speaks when he addresses the country. Once, as a little girl, I glimpsed him and always hoped one day that I would meet him personally and engage him in conversation. Finally, I had the chance on Wednesday night.

He was the guest speaker at the 10th anniversary celebration and launch of National Entrepreneurship Week. There I was standing in a room full of people as he stood at the podium delivering his speech. Nah go lie still, I listened to him, but I didn't really hear anything. There was too much noise in my head lol! Of course, I was "supercited", like OMG, P.J. and I finally in the same place, under the same roof! I couldn't believe it.

Funny enough, going to the location on Dominica Drive, I didn't even know what the social was about until I got there. I watched him talk and was just dying for him to finish. One man who was standing beside me noticed my anxiety and asked what happened.

"I'm waiting on Sir Patterson to finish talking so I can meet him!" I said.

"Really!" he replied. "You affiliated with the YEA?!"

"No! What's that!?" I answered.

He pointed to the board that was at the front of the room. YEA means Youth Entrepreneurship Association of Jamaica. We shared a laugh. "He (P.J. Patterson) is the only reason I'm here. I came to meet him, but this seems interesting," I told him.

We joked about how short he was and how I was taller than him in my heels. Thank God, I am a personable soul. You know, this likkle short man was one of P.J.'s security personnel. He made me meet and take pics with P.J., and I was happy as the former prime minister and I chatted a bit. "If I were born a little later and you were born a little earlier, we would have clashed with our birthdays!" Mr Patterson joked.

Yes people, we born the same month and rule under the same sign. Sadly, he had to rush off, so I was a little heartbroken!

Walk good yah peeps. Believe me, dreams do come true!

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