My Confession: I sold myself to care for my family

September 09, 2016

STAR, when I just came to town to live with my aunty, I was in my early 20s. She tried to take care of me because my mother had a lot of us, but after a few months she told me that I have to go look work so that I can 'mine' myself and my little brothers and sisters.

I didn't finish high school, so I couldn't apply for any big office job. My aunty was a helper for a uptown family, so she asked around until she got me a job with a nice family.

The wife used to go foreign like every six months fi her job, and when she leave, it's only the husband and two young children who were at the house. I used to wash, cook and clean for them, and the wife used to pay me.

Mi nah lie, I used to admire the husband a lot. He was such a nice family man. He was tall and him work out a lot, so his body looked good. He always talked to me in such a pleasant way. I always said I wanted a husband like him.

People always tell me that I am a good-looking girl, but never in my wildest dreams would I imagine he would start putting argument to me. One of the time that the wife was away, he started complimenting my work a lot, saying how good I keep the place. Then him start tell me that I look nice, and me skin ketch a fire although I know it wasn't right.

Eventually, he said he would increase my pay if I did a little extra "work" in the bedroom for him. I knew exactly what he meant, and mi neva mind because I did really like him, and I really needed the money for my family.

Things were going good for a while, until the wife got suspicious about us when she came back, and she fired me. She didn't catch us in the act, but it's like she sensed something was going on. From I stopped working at the house, the man stop deal with me. Him still run pon me mind sometimes, even after so many years.

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