Dancers' Paradise: TC regrets 'Walk Like a Dog' backlash

September 16, 2016

The popular dance move 'Walk Like A Dog' introduced female dancer TC to the commercial dance scene, and arguably gave birth to dancehall artiste Radijah, who gained popularity for his song of the same name.

However, the success of the dance came with plenty backlash as many critics of dancehall culture claimed the move was demeaning to females. TC, who has not had much media attention since, recently told Dancers' Paradise that she was affected by the backlash she received for a dance that was meant to be fun.

She also noted that there is some level of regret as it relates to the creation of the dance.

"I created Walk Like A Dog, and I didn't expect it to break out like that. I was young and I received so much backlash that sometimes I didn't even want to perform the dance, mi did feel a way. Sometimes I don't want anybody to bring it up because I don't want to remember it. Social media can do a lot to somebody, you know! They fixed mi business wid dat," she said.




The 20-year-old dancer also disclosed that she is promoting her new dance, Beat Root, but she rarely performs the Walk Like A Dog dance.

"I don't really do it anymore sometimes. Like, if people boost mi up, I might do it, but it's not a dance that I perform regular," she said.

TC was recently recruited by self-proclaimed Queen of Stage Show Spice as a part of her Team Spice dance crew. She told Dancers' Paradise that things are finally falling into place. The dancer also hopes to further her education after dancing with the hope of specialising in education.

"I am furthering a career in early childhood. It's stressing, but it's something that I like. I already have a certificate, and I really love children. If anything and the dancing stop, I have a back-up plan because it's not everyday you will be able to flick. Most people don't think like me, but we have to do other things outside of dancing," she said.

TC will be leaving the island with Spice for performances in the Caribbean in the coming weeks.

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