LEGAL WRANGLING: Man wants pregnant cheater girlfriend out of his house

September 16, 2016

A man, who claimed that he is being forced to live with friends because his ex-girlfriend has refused to move out of his house, is now threatening to throw her belongings on the sidewalk.

He said he went to work overseas for 15 months and when he returned home, his girlfriend was seven months pregnant.

"I later heard that she was pregnant for my best friend," he explained.

"I telephoned my so-called best friend to ask him about it and he confessed to me that he and my girlfriend were having an affair for about six months before I went away. He even admitted to me that she was pregnant for him."


very sorry


"I never use to live with my girlfriend, but when I was going away, I asked her to come and stay by my house. She moved in about a month before I left.

She did not tell me that she was pregnant although we spoke everyday when I was away. I did not tell her when I was coming back because I wanted to surprise her. When the taxi drove up at my gate that night, one of my neighbours saw me and said that he was very sorry for what had happened. I tried to ask him what he meant, but he said he would talk to me the next day.

"I had a key with me and when I opened the door and went inside, my girlfriend was in bed. She was not sleeping, and when she saw me she began to cry. I then noticed that she was pregnant and asked her what had happened. She said she could not tell me.

"I walked out of the house and went to stay with friends who live in the same community. They told me what they had heard, and I called my best friend, who confessed that my girlfriend was pregnant for him. She has since given birth to a baby girl. I called her in June this year and told her to move out of the house, but she has refused. She even told my sister that she is not moving out and I should come back home.

"I really want her to leave because she is a cheater and I'm not interested in her. She is now leaving me no choice but to throw her belongings on the sidewalk," he said.

You were the one who invited her to stay at your house. The proper thing to do is to serve her with a notice to leave the premises within a specified time. If she refuses, you can go to the court office and get a summons for her to attend court so that the judge can deal with the issue. The judge will give her a specified time within which to leave. If she does not leave within that time, then you can make arrangements for the bailiff to have her removed.

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