My confession : I forced my ex to give me oral sex

September 23, 2016

STAR, mi used to deh wid a soldier man wah gwaan like him nuh inna nothing freaky.

When you listen him bun out gays and people who do oral sex, you would think he would never ever go down on a woman. I used to believe that, until mi prove otherwise.

One day we did have a big argument ova a girl wah nuh stop call him phone, and me did really vex, so mi start rail up and cuss him. Mi all tell him bout him mother. Him get so upset that him tump me inna me mouth and me drop a ground.

It happened so fast, mi neva even see it coming. A di first time him eva lick me, so mi did frighten bad. Mi start bawl out loud and say me a go report him to the police.

Same time him start tell me say him sorry and beg me nuh fi report it to the police. When him get desperate, him say him will do anything if mi just forgive him.

To be honest, the lick neva that hot, but a because me frighten mek mi did a cry so. Mi realise say mi have him in the palm of me hand, so when me calm down, mi tell him say some oral sex would make me feel better.

At first him get upset and start say a diss mi a diss him, so mi just start cry out loud again. All of a sudden mi just feel him start lift up me skirt.

Mi nah lie, STAR, him say it was his first time, but to how him do it good, it seem like him did get a lot of practice.

After that night, it became a regular thing. So when me hear him a bun out 'bowas' with him friend dem, mi just laugh to miself because him a professional.

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