Testimony : God stopped me from backsliding

September 24, 2016
George Henry Minister Romaine Edmonson

The Bible tells us that 'the righteous will never be forsaken nor their children beg bread'.

Well, one man who can truly endorse this statement is Romaine Edmonson of the Bethlehem Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church in Clarendon.

Edmonson, who has been saved for more than eight years and currently serves as a minister and choir member at his church, testified that he was experiencing real poverty at one point in his early walk with Jesus Christ and never knew where to turn for help.

"I was going through a season of poverty in my home. There was no food, there was no money to get food. I had absolutely nothing. This caused me to cry day and night, and I could not get any help despite my crying," testified Edmonson.

He confessed that there were several nights when he had to go to bed hungry, and at one point decided that he was going to walk away from the way of the Lord and backslide. He shared that one Friday night he decided to tell the Lord that he was through with his Christian walk.

"The following day (Saturday), I went to Kingston where I had a service. While I was there I got a phone call from a lady who was in America at the time. The lady told me on the phone that she sent me US$200. I went to collect the money, but I still decided that I was going to backslide," confessed Edmonson.

The young church minister shared that while he was there deciding that he was going to backslide, he heard his phone ringing. When he answered, it was another lady from The Bahamas. He pointed out that the lady told him that she had purchased for him an airline ticket to visit that country.

"She told me that my flight was the Sunday. I took the money that I collected and went to purchase some US currency. I took my flight, and while on my way to The Bahamas, I decided that God was too good to me for me to backslide. He provided twice for me in no time," said Edmonson.

The young Christian is encouraging those who might be losing their minds because of financial, emotional, social and physical struggles to hold on to the unchanging hands of God.

"If He can do it for me He will do it for you. Just ride out your storm because God is there with you," encouraged the young minister.

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