FASS & CURIOUS: A joyful time with Joy!

September 26, 2016


Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally we got some good showers of blessings! Thank you Jesus! Even the nights are cooler so me nah complain at all! What a Gwen me people, hope all is well on your side of the fence! If it's not yet well keep working on it.

This week I want tell yuh bout an incredible person... Now to you she may be just another person that nah seem right in her head but believe me it's people like this who makes me want to continually do good. A person like this makes me want to be selfless and giving. In my community there lives a woman by the name of Joy. I call her Santa's little helper! I don't know who she hasn't helped one way or the other and while she just keeps giving without receiving most times; she continues to help anyway.


Lord provides


If Father Richard Ho Lung was giving out awards for best help she would get one, lol! Seriously everyday, she shows up at Jacob Well for the disables and the homeless on Hanover Street or at Faiths Centre's Clinic at Last Street, which are both operated by Missionaries of the Poor, like its her job and she collecting a cheque at month end. I don't even know how she manage her bills cause a she name "charity" but I guess the Lord provides.

I got to spend a little time with her recently as we were both helping a neighbour and me a tell yuh me laugh non-stop. She is so full of life and joy (no pun intended!) Lola! She say she went to someone's house to cook stew peas for them. She didn't take any not wanting to be disrespectful and wait till they ate. She said, "Me left go dung the road and come back, when me go look the stew peas dun!

Yuh know wash hurt me, did hungry en uh and the stew peas did taste so nice so me a look forward if eat some. Den pin top a data id woman a go jimmy $300 and a tin a tuna! Hear her 'This is for your share of the stew peas buy something to eat!' Me say a box so till. Nam off the stew peas!" LMAO! Next time she vow she goon take out some first and that she surely did!


younger days


She recollects how once in her younger days she went somewhere in country and it was late night but where she had plan to sleep, she couldn't sleep there. Joy said: "I decide say I going to walk and I walk 26 miles!" I was tearing up! She continued: "Watchya, no drive was there so wah me ago do nuh walk.

Me say all when I reach a little place like a Y me see some man a play dominoes so me ask them which road carry me go weh me ago them say don't take that one duppy on it. Take the other one it not so lonely.

Yuh nuh know say a di road weh dem say mi nuh fi tek, me go pon. Every minute mi hear a sound me run but me did feel safer cause somebody would a think me a duppy too so them nah trouble me!" Laughing pwile!

The way she speaks with so much flavour not even I can relive that. All on my mind the whole time with her was "Oh what a Joy!" Take a page out Joy's book! Live well! Laugh much! Help a lot! Walk good! stargossipchica@gmail.com.

PS: If you have anything (clothes... shoes..Whatever!) Worn or not, old or new, young or old that you wan donate to charity send me an email.

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