DANCERS' PARADISE: MoBay violence affecting Kimiko's dance school plans

September 30, 2016

Popular dancer Kimiko has her eyes set on opening her own dance school following the footsteps of Mystic and Latonya Styles, among others. However, unlike her peers, she has her eyes set on Jamaica's Second City, the Montego Bay market.

The St James capital has been plagued by crime in recent times, amplified by the rise in lottery scams and blood money. This has somewhat caused the dancer to revisit the drawing board where her dance school plans are concerned. However, since the market for dance businesses in Kingston is currently saturated, Kimiko remains hopeful that the crime situation will improve and work in her favour.

"I am working on developing myself as a dancer and where management is concerned. I want to go to Montego Bay with my dance school because Kingston has too much of that ... Montego Bay has tourists and foreigners remain our biggest supporters, so I think Montego Bay would be a good area for a school," she said.

Though based in Kingston, the dancer believes her experience on the north coast increases her potential to reap success in Montego Bay. "I used to work at hotels on the north coast, so I am familiar with the operations of the tourist areas. I am affiliated with the people and I know it can be a success in Montego Bay. I am worried by the crime right now, especially since Montego Bay used to be the friendly city ... right now I am watching the crime because it could potentially damage the influx of tourists," She told Dancers' Paradise.

Kimiko currently teaches at Dance Ja and has also taught classes at more than 10 countries globally, including Germany, Austria, Spain, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Taiwan, United States and Russia.

She recently created a new dance move called 'watch di pumz' to which recording artiste Razor B has created an accompanying soundtrack. She believes the dance will be the next to go viral.

"Abby Dallas has also done a Watch Di Pumz song, so it's the biggest dance in the dancehall right now because people are taking on to it fast. The name came about due to the hand motions in the dance, and persons will see that when they view the routine on my Instagram [post], @kimikoversatile," she said.

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