My Confession : I helped 'bruk out' pastor's daughter

October 07, 2016

STAR, when I was a boy, my granny sent me to church every Sunday, straight up until I was in my teens. It's a pity she neva know say a woman me go look when she send me go serve God.

I wasn't even that good- looking at the time, but fi some reason, all a the girl them inna the church love me off.

Maybe, because it was only a few guys in the church, and you know how Christian woman no love date man outside the church because them don't want to be 'unequally yoked'.

Mi coulda write a book about the things dem wha me gwaan wid inna church with them church girl deh who walk around like them holier than everybody.

When people say pastor pickney a the baddest, believe them, because me prove it with mi pastor daughter one night at church.

Every Thursday night, we used to have young people's meeting at the church, where we play games, and talk and so on. Sometimes the meeting would continue until late.

One night, it finished after 10, so me tell the pastor daughter that I would stay back and help her lock up the church, then follow her home.

Of course, me neva affi follow her home because she lived near, and me definitely neva care fi help lock up the church, but a something else me did wah lock down, if you get wah me a talk bout.

She start walk around the church and close the windows, so me tell her say me will help her with the stiff ones.




Me go behind her and hold her hand to help spin the lever to close the window.

After about the third window, me start press up against her so she could feel what was happening inna me pants.

To my surprise, she neva resist, so I decide fi see how far she would allow me to go. I continued pressing up against her and grinding on her and she was smiling and wining back on me.

All of a sudden, me hear her father calling at the door asking how she taking so long to come home. She neva know wha fi tell him say, so mi carry a Bible when we opened the door to let him in, and tell him say is a verse she did a try explain to me.

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