Fass & Curious : The woman who wouldn't stop talking!

October 10, 2016

Hey my Fass and Curious readers, what's up?!

Lawd, some of unuh ungrateful bad! Is wah mek unuh tan so?! A cuss how Government mek unuh prepare fi storm and it nuh come, like is fi dem fault. Furthermore, I don't see the fuss buying extra water and food; it can never be too much! Besides, unuh should be glad after what Mathew did to Bahamas, Haiti and Florida! Unuh nuh glad?! SMH! Black people, unuh can't be pleased!

The other day I went for breakfast at a restaurant in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew, and I bex how no one had warned me that I was about to sit in on a one-woman show. A woman was at the facility who would not stop talking. She was not talking to anyone in particular, but she didn't mind and apparently, neither did any of the customers. They just went about eating their meals as she spoke her heart out. Is nuff me nuff make me ears dem nearly rub out, but I never did know one smaddy could talk for more than half-hour straight, just telling 'tales' non-stop. Worse part was she talks and answers herself, so she don't really leave room for anyone to comment. There was no area or topic that wasn't covered. She later revealed that she was a Jehovah Witness.

At one point, I swear I heard her saying she was preaching. That was interesting! Or what was more interesting was that she found a means where people or someone like myself had to listen, and she didn't have to get turned away from people's houses! Is how much time u deh home and hear a knock, realising is Jehovah Witnesses, and all of a sudden yuh busy or nobody nuh deh home?!

DWL! This woman was smart. She employed a strategy where you had no choice but to listen, because people had to eat. What caught my ears was when she said: "I don't know why people think as they married it's licence to have pickney. Me glad say God mek old people can't breed, cause some a we don't know what we doing. If yuh have dysfunctional people yuh gwine have dysfunctional children and dats why yuh see dem inna society a give trouble. But is not them, a di careless people weh a have them".

That was only the beginning. She talked about a young lady not wanting to send her child to prep school; her work she used to have; Bible study, etc, etc. She was even telling people of her ailments and how often she went to doctor. I recorded 22 minutes of non-stop talking. LOL. Too bad I can't tell u everything. Tell unuh di rest next week yah!


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