Dancers' Paradise : Queen Latesha loses out to scammers

October 14, 2016
Queen Latesha
Queen Latesha

Dancehall Queen Latesha was recently a victim of a credit scam after an anonymous caller, pretending to be a radio announcer, convinced her to send $500 credit to his phone in order to win $3,000. The scammer also faked a radio show and had Queen Latesha sending out big-ups to her fans while she was being scammed.

"Dem wake mi up outta mi sleep. I saw a missed call, so I called back the number. They said I am on a live radio show and that they have a promo going on which is also advertised in THE STAR and The Gleaner, so I should send them $300 credit and I will be granted $3,000 credit in return. So without thinking, I went to the nearest shop and sent them the voucher number," she said.

According to the dancer, after she sent the $300 to the scammer, the culprits then requested that she sent an additional $200 credit to cover GCT, and again she obeyed.

"They ask for another credit saying it's for GCT and mi send it ... after that, dem sey my credit prize will reach my phone by 10 a.m. They even had me 'bigging' up people, thinking that I was really on a radio station interview for real, as they began to hype me up as Dancehall Queen Latesha," she told Dancers' Paradise.




Ignorant that she was being a victim of a credit scam, Latesha patiently waited for the promised $3,000; however, it was never to be.

"They said I would get the credit by 10 a.m. and I didn't see it come at all. So mi call around and ask if there is a promotion for real and nobody can't confirm it. I tried calling back the number and nobody answered and so I text them asking for my credit, because it is so petty to scam somebody for $500 credit. That is so petty," she said.

The dancer said she is not ashamed of the experience because it seemed genuine. "I only lost $500 credit and I get credit all the time. I just think it's petty and people must know a nuh everybody dem mus play wid. Unno better quit that because it can lead to serious things. People do promotions all the time, so I felt it was real ... . I just want the public to be careful because they will target you," she said.

Queen Latesha is currently a member of DJ Sunshine's Katrina dance crew and will performing on the upcoming Release School Tour. She also has a new dance called 'tight a tight' and is looking to record an accompanying song.

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