My Confession : Mom caught be having sex

October 14, 2016

STAR, this happen when me did inna me teens, just about 16 years old, but me still embarrassed every time me remember it, though me a big man now.

Dem time deh, my mother was what you would call a 'big Christan'. So every Sunday she and me little sister go a church from about 11 o'  clock and church finish one o' clock. But she wouldn't reach home until about four, because she love stay back and talk to everybody at church.

So during dem time deh, me have the whole house to meself and me would invite me girlfriend over and do the things before me mother come.

One day, mi no know what fly up inna me head, me tell the girl say mek we do it in the living room.

We strip naked on the couch and she sit down on top of me and start work. It was just after 1 so we nah worry about a thing because we know my mother deh a church a chat.

All of a sudden, nuh me mother and little sister that buss through the door pon we! Mi fling off the girl to how me frighten and a try cover with the pillow. Mi poor mother and sister affi lock dem eye and feel them way across the room like them blind.

Fi months, mi neva talk to them to how me shame.

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