Life & Times : Tributes galore for David Cohen

October 15, 2016
Members of the Sanguinetti New Testament Church of God choir singing at the thanksgiving service for David Cohen.
Pall-bearers taking the coffin with the body of David Albert Cohen from the church to the hearse following the service.
Mourners take a final look at the deceased before the coffin was taken from the church after the service.

The Sanguinetti New Testament Church of God was packed with mourners on Saturday, October 8, as they turned out to pay their last respects to David Albert Cohen at a thanksgiving service, following his death on September 14.

The many tributes in song and the spoken word were enough to tell that the deceased was well loved and respected by persons of all age groups.

Member of Parliament Richard Azan hailed Cohen as a man who was from a name-brand family which was close-knit. He shared that Cohen was never known as a man who was ever involved in any quarrel with anyone because he was a peacemaker.

Councillor Trevor Gordon of the Spaldings division remembered Cohen as a well respected, straightforward individual who was a fighter. He added that the deceased was never one who complained, even during the time of his illness.

Dian Cohen described her late uncle as a man who was humble and kind; one who gave without reservation. She said he loved all his family members and that he lived a good life.




Cohen was eulogised as a man who was the epitome of compassion, love, kindness and holiness by Anthony Henry. He said Cohen was a peacemaker extraordinaire.

"This kind-hearted Clarendon man was unselfish with the fruits of his labour. He was well known for stretching his hands to give to others who were in need, rather than to stretch them out to collect from others. Nothing he had was too good to give to others, because he believed in what Jesus taught us - that is, to love your neighbour as yourself," Henry said.

He was also hailed as an excellent cabinetmaker who never received training; a great farmer who produced many crops; and one who reared chickens, goats and pigs.

Cohen, who was born on January 23, 1939 to Alando and Aneta Cohen at Sanguinetti in Clarendon, was the eighth of 12 children for his parents.

He left behind brothers Leonard and Joseph, a host of nieces and nephews and numerous other relatives and friends. His body is to be cremated.


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