DANCERS' PARADISE: Dancing is our career - D-Koloni

October 21, 2016
Contributed From left: Maleik Lamont, Hakeem Notice and Rohan Picton

D-Koloni dance crew has been dancing together for more than four year and has no immediate plans to slow down.

Headed by Maleik 'Cupid' Lamont, 21, the crew has worked with a slew of corporate companies, including FLOW, Magnum, Romeich Entertainment and Digicel. According to Cupid, dancing is a career. "People used to say dancing is not a career, you know. But now they are seeing it as an art, we have the support of our families as well. My mother still wants me to venture into other stuff because she wants me to have a back-up plan, but right now I don't see anything else I want to do. If I do something else, it will still have to do with dancing," he said.

D-Koloni, who recently placed fourth in the World Reggae Dance Competition, is promoting a new dance called 'colo polo'. Cupid told Dancers' Paradise they are aiming to bring a fresh element to dancing.

"We are the new generation and we mix our moves with African styles so that it becomes Afro dancehall. People seem to enjoy that, based on the responses from our performances ... so right now, we are the youngest and baddest," Cupid said.

In addition to performing at corporate events, D-Koloni also choreographs music videos and hosts dance classes. "We are looking to take dancing to the highest level, we get paid from it and we are overall professionals," Cupid said.

The crew is also comprised of dancers Rohan 'African Kid' Picton and Hakeem 'Tweety Eva Fresh' Notice.

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