My Confession: I defecated on myself while on a bus

October 21, 2016

STAR, when I was in grade seven at high school, I hated using the bathroom. It was always stink in there and full of people.

Anyway, one day I had a bun and cheese, a large box food, a Supligen, and a big Busta for lunch. After lunch, my belly began hurting me and I realised that I wanted to use the bathroom, but I made up my mind that I was not going in there.

Little bit after, while in religious education class, I started to 'ease my body' little by little until the place smelt like 10-day cabbage water. I 'corked up' my nose and start shouting in the class, saying, "A who dat man? Unno nasty sah!"

When school was over, instead of feeling better, my belly was getting even worse, so I walked to the bus stop and the bus took forever to load. When it was finally loaded, I started to ease my body again, and the people just started coming out.

The bus eventually left the place, and halfway on the journey, I felt like I wanted to ease my body again, but instead of smelly air, something watery came out, if you know what I mean. I didn't have on any tights and I was wearing mesh panties, so I just sat in it.

When I came out of the bus at the centre of the town, a woman in the bus called out to me and told me my uniform was a mess, but I just ignored her and continued walking because I knew what it was. As I walked, the mess started falling out of my panties on to my feet and the ground. Nobody wanted to carry me in their taxi, so I had to go by a primary school in the town and clean up. I drove in the trunk of the vehicle so that I could reach home.

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