FASS & CURIOUS: Drama with me and mi new fridge

October 24, 2016

Hello! Hello! Hello! Is how unuh do? Mi seh I have a piece a tory fi gi unuh yuh si, but first of all big up to the three officers from downtown who worked diligently in ensuring justice was served.

The other day I walked out Orange Street from store to store in downtown, shopping for a fridge. It was hard to decide on one because when I found one that was suitable it wasn't in my price range, and the ones in my price range just didn't fit the script of what I wanted. Besides, the options were many and that only complicated the situation more.

After walking for an hour, moving in between shops with people in my face and ears trying to sell me a fridge, I was annoyed and frustrated and ready to go home. Finally, someone in a shop managed to persuade me! Worse thing ever and funnyily enough, I wasn't really the one buying - just choosing and receiving. And don't call it free, 'cause I worked very hard for it and dem seh, 'When yuh do good, good will follow you!'




I was being rewarded for the good work I had done, so I was excited to get a brand spanking-new fridge ... until when it reach me yard and I realise is the scratch-up, dent-up display fridge weh me look pon dem send come give me! How dare they!?

Mama!! Doh ask if I wasn't upset. Me good good $41,000! SMH! I made a call to the owner and asked him what kinda thing was that. I never pay for display fridge! Outta order and bright. Then he had the nerves to tell me he will exchange it, and in a manner as if he was doing me a favour at that!

The nerve of him! I told him this was his mess so he had to meet me half-way because I alone would not accumulate the cost of transporting the fridge back and then delivering a new one to my house. People unuh tell me if that nuh fair!?

After 1 p.m., this man gonna tell me he hasn't called a drive yet and will do it by the end of the day, when I'm explaining that I have work at 4 p.m. Who gonna facilitate him?! Him done collect him money so him don't care. Long story short, I made him care. Police got involve. Problem solved and me happy! People work too hard fi dem money fi sport display things. Think me a idiot?! Unuh take care!

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