MY CONFESSION: I used my girlfriend's money to support my side chick

October 28, 2016

STAR, I used to have my straight-out girlfriend, but I still had a little something on the side.

My main girl used to stay at my place then go look fi her parents some weekends. When she do that, I would just call over the other girl and do we thing. Sometimes she even spend the whole weekend with me.

One Monday when the main girl come home, as she step inna me room, she start give me attitude. So me start wonder a wha she hear now. Then she ask me, a who fa bra deh under the bed. It was way bigger than her breast size, so me couldn't tell her say me buy it fi her. Mi neva know what fi say, so she vex and leave the house.

One time dem things deh woulda bother me, but because mi know say me have the other girl fi rally back pon, me just easy meself.

Fi days me neva hear from the main girl and a pure hang up inna ears me a get, so me decide fi spite her.

Me just call the side girl and start buy her pure things with the main girl credit card. Mi carry her to the most expensive restaurant, me buy her name-brand panty, mi buy her celebrity perfume, me order things online, me buy everything me know woman love.

Couple days later, the main girl come a beat down me door and a cuss bout her credit card bill. Mi just take up the card and her other belongings and dash dem through the door pon her. She hate me like poison now.

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