Real Talk : Ishawna talks about friendship, career

November 01, 2016

Last week, controversial singer Ishawna has decided to share some of the juicy details of her life. She spoke about the rumour that she was dating Alkaline and even answered questions about why she is always singing about taking somebody's man.


Question: Are you friends with any of the female artistes?

Answer: Friends? 'Friends' is a strong word. I wouldn't say I'm friends with any female artiste. Am I associated, of course. Am I cordial? Of course. I don't have a problem with anybody; we're all peers. We have to see each other every now and then, but to say I call them up and talk pan di phone, or we go hang out and have drinks, no. I have my other friends outside of the industry, and that's who I spend most of my time with.

Question: What do you think about Lady Saw turning to Christianity?

Answer: I think it was a great one for her. At the end of the day, everybody is in control of their life and their destiny. It's her life, and that's what she felt that she needed to do at that time. So it's all about people going with what they want to do and living their life for themselves. So, kudos to Lady Saw. Big up yourself!

Question: Are you currently signed to a label or are you an independent artiste?

Answer: Right now I an independent artiste. I am in control, and I like that. If a company decides that they want to come on board, I would have to see where it makes sense for me as an artiste. If the situation presents itself and it's the right situation, of course, I'd be more than happy to have another management.

Question: Are you happy with the direction your music and career is going now. Do you have any regrets?

Answer: Of course, I'm happy because I have more control over my career and stuff like that. I'm 100 per cent involved in the creative aspect of my career, as well as making certain business decisions. I'm very pleased with how my career is going.

Question: When you're not doing music, what is Ishawna doing?

Answer: I'm never not doing music because my whole life revolves around my job. If not, I am probably sleeping, getting rest, 'Netflix and chilling'. Music is my lifestyle, so I don't really do that for fun. I'm not really the type to party every night and go out and stuff like that because that's not my lifestyle. I am more of the low-key type of girl who chills at home.

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