Legal Wrangling : Robbers will be punished in due course

November 04, 2016
A student takes part in a protest Jamaica College earlier this week. The protest followed the robbery and murder of a schoolboy last week.

The question as to what action should be taken when a person is being robbed was the one that was frequently asked this week.

One woman said she told her children she would prefer if they did not put up any resistance because life was more precious than the money and cell phone.

The woman said her husband and her neighbour did not share her view, saying people had to be brave and fight back or else the robbers will feel they are in charge. She said she told them that she had no intention fighting a robber who was armed with a gun or a knife, because she was not a karate expert.

"They may regard me as a coward, but I don't think I should lose my life fighting a robber who is armed with a weapon. I told my husband and children of an experience I had 20 years ago. I was going home from work one evening when a man who was armed with a knife approached me and demanded my handbag. I did not put up any resistance, I gave him the handbag which had in some money, my gold chain and gold bracelet with my name engraved on the back of it.

"I had a good look at his face because I believed that I was going to see the robber again. When I went home, I told my mother that I was robbed. My mother said thank God I was not hurt and hoped the robber would try to rob someone who would kill him or get him locked up.

"Well, two days later, I was in Half-Way Tree when I spotted the man. I pointed him out to a policeman who held him. He was searched and the police found my chain and chaperita in his wallet. The man was charged with robbery and when he went to court, he pleaded guilty. He was sent to prison.




"My husband had to admit that he was glad I did not fight back, because perhaps I could have been killed and he would not have the pleasure of knowing me. He now agrees with me that it makes no sense to fight an armed robber because life is precious and the robber will be punished in due course. My children queried whether the man was sent to prison for the rest of his life, but I told them that unfortunately that did not happen," she said.


The offence for which your attacker was charged does not attract a sentence of life imprisonment. Persons who are convicted of murder are sentenced to life imprisonment, but the judge will stipulate how many years the prisoner must serve before they can be eligible for parole.

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