My Confessions : I broke up with him because he's a janitor

November 04, 2016

STAR, my family doesn't really have it, but I'm a trying girl. I started university, and I was so proud of myself for being the first in my family to go there.

I dropped out because I didn't have the money, but while there, I always saw a tall, handsome, muscular guy on campus. He was so pleasant. He always wore a blue jump- suits, so I knew he worked there. I assumed he was an engineer because he looked so young and intelligent and was always over the engineer section.

Eventually, he told me he noticed me admiring him. I admitted that I liked him. We started talking to the point where we got into a relationship.

One day, I begged him a little money do my hair and buy clothes, but he said he didn't really have that kind of money. So I said, "Big engineer like you can't spend a little money on me?" That's when he told me he was a janitor who cleaned up after the engineers, which was why he was always with them.

I was so ashamed of his job because I told all my family that he was a an engineer. I liked him a lot, but I have a big ego. Imagine me a big university student at the time a talk to janitor? I had to break up with him although everything else was great with him.

I still feel bad about leaving him because he was nice to me, great in bed, and my family loved him. All now they don't know why I really broke up with him.

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