My Confession : I had anal sex in high school

November 11, 2016

STAR, my dirty secret took place while in fifth form.

Throughout high school, I was part of the cadet corps. There was this boy, a fellow cadet, a bit older than me, named King*. He was a 'bad boy' - came to school late, carried a knife, had s-curled dark red hair, and smoked weed. Definitely not the kind of boyfriend I would usually keep, but all the girls, and even teachers, wanted him.

Anyways, I left cadet, but he made me rejoin after I saw him shirtless at school early one morning when the cadets were camping there. I could see the tattoo on his shoulder. His chest and arms were big and muscular, and his torso, well-toned. The word that came to my mind was 'Greek God'. My mouth went dry, and for the first time, I felt real lust.

Two months after rejoining cadet, we had a camp.

He was now the leader of the cadet corps, so he got to sleep in the HQ room. I also got to sleep there as I was the only girl in cadet at that time. I don't think I have ever felt for sex so much in my life.

STAR, I was so shocked because he wanted anal sex. I had never done that before, and never intended to because I think it's wrong. But I was so high on lust, like I was on drugs, I succumbed and allowed him.

I was very disappointed in myself. But with time, I have gotten to forgive myself, so much so that I am not ashamed to share my dirty secret with you.

I never spoke to him again after the camp, and I no longer saw him as 'Casanova' but more as a boy with a weird inclination.

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