Life & Times - Little Nathaniel Tapper christened

November 12, 2016
Mother Anna-kay Barnaby and father Robert Tapper stand proudly with their baby boy Nathaniel Tapper, following the christening ceremony.

Parents Robert Tapper and Anna-Kay Barnaby were proud individuals on Sunday, November 5, when they stood before Bishop Donald Dawson, pastor of the Sanguinetti New Testament Church of God, to have their baby son, Nathaniel, christened.

They listened attentively to every word from the pastor as he gave instructions to them as to what they needed to do in order to ensure that Nathaniel is brought up in the right way before God. Speaking to THE STAR's Life and Times following the dedication of his son, Tapper shared that to have him dedicated to God was an awesome feeling. Tapper said that to have his son christened was a very good start for the baby boy.

"Anything that he does from here on is going to be continually blessed. I feel as if he is going to have very good fortune. He is going to have the blood of Jesus Christ covering him for the rest of his life. It doesn't matter what he does. Even if he backslides, that core value is going to be there because that is going to come out. He is going to feel that conviction that he is doing something wrong because he has that before he can even think," shared Tapper. He said it was good that he and his fiancÈe could take their baby to God.

"There is a huge spirituality undertone to all of this, and that is something that none of us understands. However it is something that we all accept, something that we abide by. It is the rule," said Tapper. "It is like the law of nature and gravity. But we have to abide by them, because we know that if we do differently, something bad is going to happen. So his christening is something that is very important to us and it is the right thing to do."

As for the young mother, the feeling could not be better, knowing that young Nathaniel has been dedicated to God. She expressed joy knowing that her son is in God's hands and pledged to do what is necessary to ensure that he grows up in the fear and admonition of the Lord.


Family a divine institution


Dawson told the parents in the presence of scores of worshippers that they should train up their son in the way he should go so that when he gets old, he will not depart from it. He said that the family is a divine institution that has been ordained and honoured of the Lord since the beginning of time and that children are a heritage of the Lord, given to parents for their care, protection and training for His glory.

The parents pledged to bring up Nathaniel in the fear of the Lord, lead him early to Christ as his personal lord and saviour, and set before him examples of a godly and consistent life.

Dawson, in his prayer, called on God to allow the anointing of the Holy Ghost to rest upon him, rest upon the house in which he is living, cover him under the blood of Jesus, shield him from every harm and danger and from the hands of Satan.

Little Nathaniel Tapper was born at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston on June 18. He was the seventh baby to be christened at the Sanguinetti New Testament Church since the start of this year. Last year, nine babies were christened at the church.


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