Real Talk : Macka Diamond talks beefs, hottest female in the business

November 22, 2016
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond

THE STAR recently caught up with #MissMoneyOh, Macka Diamond, who dished on dancehall beefs, the state of the industry, and who the hottest female in the business currently is.


STAR: What has Macka been up to?

Macka: Been up to a bag a tings. Working on new songs. My new song titled Shake was just released on my Vevo channel. Who want know more just need to follow me on my Instagram @mackadaimond1.

STAR: What three words best describe Macka Diamond?

Macka: Humble, loving, and straightforward. (Straightforward is two words, so I'll go with straight.) *laughs*

STAR: What do you think about the presence of women in today's dancehall?

Macka: We just have to keep going and keep strong, but I see more female presence now.

STAR: Spice and D'Angel seem to be working on a collaboration. What do you think of their new 'friendship'?

Macka: That's good. Nothing is wrong with that. I mean, if Lady Saw should call me right now and say she want to do a song, it's just music and business. There's no business like show business. If the both of them can do a song and make some money, then why not.

STAR: Is the beef between you and Spice still ongoing?

Macka: I think so. I think it won't end. At the end of the day, some people know what they did to you and they can't really face you. She is one of the females that just don't like me, and I don't even care.

STAR: What did you think of her Rio Sports Gala performance?

Macka: I don't come to criticise any female. But for me, I will try to address it different. I'm a little raunchy, too, but me kinda different still cause me nuh really that rough and tyrant. As for her, I don't know what happened. But me wudda just go up deh go talk up a bag a tings. You can sing the same songs, but it's how you do it. It leads back to versatility. Me wudda maybe walk up to Andrew Holness wife and say, 'Wha happen to you? Nuh badda gwaan like you pop dung. Come mek we hula hula hula hoop'. If dem even cut off the rhythm pon me and the mic still on, me a try a ting same way.

STAR: People are saying that since Lady Saw retired, Spice is now running dancehall. What are your views on this?

Macka: Only the fans can decide that still, but if dem say a she a run it, then a she a run it. I remember when Macka Diamond use to run dancehall fi several years straight, and as far as me see it, a me still a run it ... . For me, a me always a run dancehall. If dem say a she a run it, congrats!

STAR: How do you feel when people say Macka Diamond is too old to dress a certain way or to sing certain songs?

Macka: *breaks into song* Age dem a worry bout? What a kaka cause me body still good and me look proper. Me thing never drop. Every day me hotter 40 fabulous. It doesn't bother me. You know what is their problem? The young boy dem want me and dem worried dem a go lose dem man to me. Dem worried say me still sound good and look good and still relevant inna dancehall.

Join us next week for Part Two of this Macka Diamond interview. We promise to keep it real.

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