"Bright news, plain speaking, lively entertainment" - 65 years of THE STAR

November 24, 2016
Theodore Sealy

 Throughout its lifetime THE STAR, Jamaica’s most successful tabloid publication, has been seen as the newspaper publication that most closely identifies with the experiences and views of the average Jamaican.

A daily publication, THE STAR is distributed through subscriptions, street vendors, and through several agents across the island from Monday to Saturday.

Generations of Jamaicans have grown up with THE STAR providing them with concise news stories, entertainment updates and keeping them in the know about their favourite sporting events.

THE STAR was first published in the year that Theodore Sealy was named Editor for The Gleaner Company – 1951. At that time it was positioned as an evening tabloid.  In its first editorial it stated: “The Star seeks to serve you in its own special field. The accent will be on bright news, plain speaking, lively entertainment, and a full fare of interest for all our readers.”

The headline on that day outlined the campaign by the then Central Bureau of Health to eliminate the vomiting sickness across the island, distributing food yeast, cod-liver oil, ferrenol tablets and other body-building foods across the island through the Island Medical Office. It also covered a fundraiser for Jamaica’s Hurricane relief in London.

Since then we have covered many milestone events for the people of Jamaica, always there, always representing their interests.

THE STAR, in 1951,  cost one and a half pence per copy. Mr. Gerald Farquharson, a racing journalist, has the distinction of being the first subscriber to the publication and was featured in the publication.

Today THE STAR is the most economical source of news among national print newspapers in Jamaica at $40 – and now also available online on our Star website, Star E-Paper, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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