The haunted house of Sadler’s Hall

November 24, 2016
Krista looks on at the front of the house.
The two deer heads mounted on the wall in a passage.
The front section of the main house.

Sadler’s Hall is located Ramble, Hanover.

Once a beautiful great house built in 1892 by landowner C.J. Sadler, Sadler’s Hall was the party central in that century. Alive with 13 maids on hand at that time, there was more than one house to stay over on the property. When we arrived at 1 a.m. on Saturday the house was dilapidated but still ‘alive’ with activities.

Our Arrival

To get there we travelled hours through bushes before suddenly arriving at the entrance of the property – a huge white gate with stone lions on both sides seemingly guarding the estate. Chills ran down our spines as we faced the eerie cemetery-like entrance.
Daraine bravely stepped from the car to let us in while Dwayne quickly locked the door behind him. On a beaten dirt track, we travelled over a mile to the house as Daraine with his head out the window gave his ‘duppy cry’. Feeling afraid, however, he soon cautiously pulled himself back into the car as the dark night engulfed the vehicle.
Finally, the house loomed ahead as yet another gate came into sight with a run-down ‘Private Property, No Trespassing’ sign attached. The house was a magnificent stone and wooden structure that had been abandoned, except for a lone caretaker, Roy. Staying in a house close to the main building, Roy has never actually seen a ghost on the property but has heard tales of persons being unable to sleep, beds shaking in the main bedroom, footsteps stomping throughout the night, a car driving steadily up to the house and ghost sightings. There are also tales of countless sightings of a little girl and an old man.
We decided to begin our investigation with a brief walk through the kitchen and the huge living room which still contains a few pieces of broken-down furniture. The heads of two mounted deers stared eerily at us, following our every move as if silently begging for release.
As the men – Robert, Daraine and Dwayne – talked at the side of the house, Francine and Krista bravely explored the backyard, which was pitch-black. It was then that we had our first scary moment. There was a sudden knock, followed by the sounds of someone or something approaching through the bushes. “A wha dat?” Francine cried. She was obviously not willing to find out, however, as she and Krista ran back quickly to the men.

At 2:30 a.m.

As we settled down for a long night, Daraine had problems setting up his cot and exclaimed that malicious ghosts were fighting his much- needed beauty sleep. We soon settled down with Krista and Dwayne in the main bedroom, Daraine in another and Francine and Robert in the living room.
Robert had hardly laid his cot down for a night’s rest when Roy cautioned him about the positioning of his bed. “Nuh block di doorway,” he said, while explaining that having an obstacle in the path of the ghosts could lead to trouble.
Francine, who was too tired to wait for any sign of ghost activity, placed her cot next to the door and went to sleep. Daraine chose to be cautious and placed his cot north to south beside a closet, rather than east to west. He claimed ghosts would not venture in that direction.
In the main bedroom, Dwayne and Krista had put their mattress on the floor when they received another sign that all was not right at Sadler’s Hall. One of their brand new flashlights took a light fall and refused to work. After much prodding and poking, it was declared dead. Dwayne was soon sound asleep on the mattress as Krista stayed awake all night listening to the house’s strange noises. Hidden beneath a blanket Krista barely peeped out when there were sounds of scratching and what she hoped were animals running loudly through the room. The noises sounded periodically as it combined with the mooing of a cow and the sounds of distant singing.

At 3:30 a.m.

Krista suddenly hears the sound of a speeding car heading towards the building. Francine in the living room also reported in the morning that she had stayed awake listening to the engine. The house was buried in the hillside away from all civilisation, yet the sound steadily grew louder as the car sped on its ghostly path towards the house. It was impossible for a car to have been travelling on the old dirt track at such a speed towards the house. The engine soon went dead but then there was the sound of a plane flying closely overhead, heard by both females.

Approximately 4:00 a.m.

Francine’s experience got even more frightening. She awoke (or so she thought) to find out that the cot she was sleeping on had moved several metres. It was now across the room facing a peice of furniture that she was originally sleeping beside. She attempted to call out to Robert but only groans came from her mouth, no words. “God please don’t let anything happen...,” she later said that she prayed.
“Francine, Francine you all right?” she eventually heard Robert crying out. Then she woke up. Robert later said that he had heard her groaning and had called to her several times before getting a response.

At 6:00 a.m.

Day begins to break and Daraine gets up singing and waking everyone else. We discussed our experiences, but no one seemed to have had a good explanation for what we heard, except Daraine who claimed ghosts had held down Francine.

We explored the property again before leaving. THE STAR team attempted to find the caretaker but to no avail. With several vultures now circling close by, we decided it was time to pack up and head back to Kingston where things were less eerie.


While THE STAR team saw no ghosts at Sadler’s Hall there was definitely a presence that made itself known throughout the night. This spirit, or spirits, kept some of the team members up most of the night with ghoulish noises. 

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