My Confession : I spit in my matey's food

November 25, 2016

STAR, one time I used to work at a cookshop in my community.

Me neva used to cook, but me work in the kitchen where me used to cut up the chicken, vegetables and every other little thing that the chef plan to cook.

Sometimes me used to take the orders at the window when the other girl take her break.

One day, me babyfather new woman come a the shop come order food, and a pure attitude she a give me when me take her order.

Normally me deal with things very professional, but she did a gwaan the most way. She style me as 'my girl' and talk bout, 'mek sure you deal with me food good because me no like eat from nasty people.'

Mi no say a word to her because me is not a person who cuss, me just act. Even when me give her back the change, she grab it from me, cut her eye and kiss teeth.

Since she say me must sort out her food proper, I did sort it out properly. She did order coleslaw with her food but it neva quite finish prepare yet, so me did have to finish it for her order.

Meanwhile, as the chef a chop up the chicken fi put in the food box, me just just hawk up come spit and some cold come up inna it too, then me spit inna the coleslaw and mix it out, then put it inno the gyal food and give it to her nicely.

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