Testimony : God has healed me

November 26, 2016
Pastor Lionel Bennett

There are many who can strongly testify that once one is involved in the work of God, He will see you through difficult situations.

Young church leader the Reverend Lionel Bennett is one of the many who proudly attest to this.

Bennett testified that as a youngster growing up, he suffered from asthma severely. He shared that he used to be taken to the doctor by his parents on numerous occasions.

"I used to be taken to the doctor many times to get injections until I started to love the injections. But when I gave my life to the Lord and the Lord called me to ministry, I started preaching the word. A lot of persons started to express concern. They were worried that I would have got worse with the illness," said Bennett.

Bennett pointed out that he was not too concerned about his illness when he started to preach the word of God because he believed that God was, and still is, a healer. He added that while he preached, he was not troubled by shortness of breath, a common effect of asthma.

"I can say that the Lord is indeed a healer. I did not have shortness of breath while I was preaching because God is indeed a healer and His anointing makes the difference," said Bennett.

He said that for persons who suffer from various illnesses and diseases, they should believe in Jesus that He is able to heal and deliver them from their sickness.

He stressed that persons must remember that Jesus says that those who He calls should be able to lay their hands on the sick and they shall be made whole.

"They shall recover. It is just for us to claim that healing because Jesus is indeed a healer. So my advice is that those who are sick should pray for their healing claim it, and receive it," said Bennett.

He shared that he should have been dead a long time ago from his illness but that the Lord has kept him.

He added that there were various times when he felt as if he was going to die, but his Creator healed him and has been keeping him because he trusts Him.

Bennett has been walking with the Lord since 2008. He is a member of the Cobbla New Testament Church of God in Manchester; however, he currently pastors the Santa Hill New Testament Church of God in Clarendon.

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