Dancers' Paradise : Kriptic Klique wants to win awards

December 02, 2016
Members of Kriptic Klique, (from left) Baby Ice, Shannon, Chris and Duwayne.
Baby Ice

Up-and-coming dancer Stephan 'Baby Ice' Ledgister of the Kriptic Klique dance group has his eyes set on climbing to the top spot on the local and international dance scene.

Speaking with Dancers' Paradise recently, Baby Ice said failure in this quest is not an option.

"My goal is to be the best there is, and not just for dancing, but entertainment in general. When you hear about Baby Ice and my dance crew, you must think about emotional performances with strong entertainment value. We are looking to win awards in the field and even America's Best Dance Crew. We don't see barriers because nothing is out of our range, since everything is possible through Christ," he said.

Kriptic Klique is currently promoting two dance moves, namely the Assassino and Reaction. Baby Ice revealed that the overseas audience have been paying attention.

"The dances are getting positive feedback overseas because we have people who do videos and teach overseas in places like Venezuela, Colombia, France, and Paris. We are doing our own leg of promotion at local parties like Boasy Tuesdays, Nipples Tuesdays, and Weddy Weddy. We have to go in the street and do the dance so people can see it," he said.

Although the dance moves are doing well, the dancer, who also teaches a dance class at Dance Ja on Fridays, told Dancers' Paradise that the business is tough for young dancers.

"We nuh have the name out there like the veteran dem, so we have to push out because our name is new. Therefore, we face a difficulty to get overseas dancers and fans to pay attention. So, to achieve that, we have to work double time to make our dances unique," he said, adding that the group has been featured in several local music videos, and also made an appearance in the Jamaican film Kill Dem All And Done.

"We also want more unity among dancers because when you go to some of the parties, it's like a battlefield because every dancer wants the spotlight. If you and a man a nuh friend, he doesn't want to do your dance move. So, we want unity and the veterans dem fi help and try push us. But we have to just work."

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