Dancers' Paradise : Facebook Hero, Marvin and Black Mattic join forces

December 09, 2016
ZJ Elektra
Dancer Marvin The Beast
Black Mattic

Energetic media personality ZJ Elektra has produced a record titled 'Hero Dance' which features controversial dancer Marvin D Beast, Internet sensation Facebook Hero and dancehall artiste Black Mattic.

Elektracute Music Group, which was formed by the ZJ earlier this year, and the single marks its first official collaborative release.

Speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR, she explained why Hero Dance will raise eyebrows in the dancehall.

"Marvin and Facebook Hero are both persons that are doing well internationally. Facebook Hero gained his stardom online and Marvin gained his in the dance and also online, both guys are from Montego Bay, and this track is refreshing because we have never heard Facebook Hero doing any track at all. To have them both collaborate with Black Mattic is unique, and this will set the pace so that they will also be seen as artistes," she said.

Marvin D Beast believes the song has hit potential.

"This record is gonna be a world hit, and the greatest thing is that the three of us are able to travel. So unlike other Jamaican artistes, all we need is a ticket to take on the world with the song. It's a good look," Marvin said.

As for Black Mattic, the record shows that unity is indeed strength.

"The song shows that a musician, dancer and a social media king can come together and build something that can complement each other. I think we have a number-one record on our hands, and the popularity of Facebook Hero works in favour of the project," he said.

ZJ Elektra is currently working on Black Mattic's Freestyle Vol.1 mixtape to be released on January 1, 2017. Her label, EMG, recently released the first single from the mixtape titled 100 Magic Bars, which can be viewed on YouTube.

Facebook Hero has dabbled with music prior to social media fame and has been hosting several events in the United States.

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