Serving God for over 50 years

December 10, 2016
Cynthia Ellis

Cynthia Ellis has been serving the Lord for over 55 years. She is currently a member of the Cardwell New Testament Church of God in Hanover.

Like many Christians, she is convinced that prayer changes things, especially because she currently serves as a prayer mother at her church, where she also has a water ministry, which has brought healing from sickness and diseases to many faith-believing persons.

Ellis, affectionately referred to as 'Sister Rhoden' by those close to her, testified that she was on her way to her farm one morning when she suddenly fell ill.

She had no company and was dependent on God as her only company at the time.

"I fell ill next to death. I felt a serious pain as if my head was split in two right down to my chest, as well as in my back, and all I could say was, that was the last of me," she said.

Ellis said she then heard the voice of the Lord telling her that if she didn't speak some different languages, she would never be able to make it.

The prayer warrior shared that immediately after the anointing of God came upon her and delivered her, so that she was able to walk for over a mile and a half in order to catch a vehicle to get home.

"It was right there and then that I was able to get strong deliverance. I also remember the Lord revealing to me earthquakes in diverse places, and I said to Him, if you could only deliver me, I am asking you Lord not to let me see that thing again. And from there I have never seen it again," said Ellis.

She pointed out that her two legs were not doing her justice when she was sick with them and was unable to walk for four months.

"I prayed on them along with some brethren and the Lord gave me my healing, so that I am now able to walk. So I have had my fair share of experiences from the hand of God that I can tell others about. God is really wonderful to me and many other persons," she said.

Ellis said God can take persons through their Damascus road experiences, and that is the reason why she will always serve Him.

"All of us were created to serve God, so I am begging everyone to do so before it is too late," said Ellis.


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