Tamar Lambert wants to spend Christmas with family

December 14, 2016

Former Jamaica cricket captain Tamar Lambert says Christmas is about family and enjoying himself during the period. 

“Christmas is about spending time with the family first and foremost for me. It is about enjoying yourself also,” he said.

While the seasoned national campaigner does not have a favourite Christmas, he notes that this year will be a special one.

“I don’t really have a favourite Christmas. As long as I am spending time with my family I am good. It (Christmas) is just to reflect on what you have gone through throughout the year, and prepare yourself for the New Year, and come up with some new plans to benefit yourself and the family,” Lambert said.

The 35-year-old all-rounder made his national debut in the year 2000. He went on to lead the country to five-consecutive regional first-class cricket titles.

Speaking of new plans, the retired local cricketer is set to jet off to Australia in the near future for a cricket-playing and coaching stint.

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