The Christmas I will never forget : Ninja Man spends millions on Christmas

December 16, 2016
Ninja Man

Legendary dancehall artiste Ninja Man says he has spent millions on Christmas decorations. According to the deejay, his houses are known to stand out during the festive season.

"I spend nuff money on pepper lights, but this house that I am living in now is too big to cover in decoration. In 2007, I spent US$40,000 on pepper lights and covered my house and the entire Mall Road community. When you go to my house in St Mary and look, all the zinc have on light," he said.

The deejay, however, said that he would be cutting down on spending by opting to use projector laser lights for future Christmas seasons.

"Yuh just plug that een and it shine pon the entire house and it use less electricity and yu don't have to worry about messing with a bag of current wire. It almost stay like club light, so mi feel like a dat route mi wudda guh," Ninja Man said.

As it relates to picking one particular Christmas that stands out, the icon said that all of his experiences are worthy of celebration since he is blessed with life and another opportunity to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

"Every Christmas is memorable to me because I am celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, and that is all Christmas should mean. The man dead on the cross for truth and right and so Jamaicans should unite and go back to their roots. We have lost respect for Christmas, the police, the Government, because see dem a shoot up conference, they have lost respect for the schools, the teachers and our reggae music, because they are only promoting those who are in the music for money and not those who have real content that reggae is known for. We need to go back to when we had respect for the things that ought to be respected. The Government can't fix that because it is up to us as the citizens," Ninja Man said passionately.

The deejay also said he spent all of his Christmas days working.

"Everyday I get to spend with my family is special because Christmas is usually a regular working day. My goal is now to sit and work out a New Year's resolution, which is play my role in making Jamaica a better place. War is at an all-time high and we need to fix the 14 parishes and specifically target Montego Bay. I need the Government and the private sector to assist me with this plan because you need somebody who has had experience with violence to fix it," the deejay said.

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