Dancers' Paradise : Good looks plus talent equal Daniiboo's recipe

December 16, 2016

Dancehall sensation Danielle 'Daniiboo' Bogle, has been a popular name on the tongues of dancehall fans since her dance videos began to go viral in late 2015.

The former member of Team Russian Roulette has been dancing since high school and told Dancers' Paradise that dancing has been the only profession to spark her interest.

"When everybody was saying they wanted to become a lawyer, teacher or doctor, I always said I wanted to become a professional dancer. So I always knew that this is what I wanted to do. I have done other genres of dancing outside of dancehall, but dancehall is now my focus," said a surprisingly shy Daniiboo.

The former student of Edith Dalton James High School also gave credit to her former group for her rise to stardom.

"I started off with Team Russian Roulette, and it was a very nice experience; they pushed me out into the world. Then I got a new management team and it took me to a new level with my solo career. So I have to give a lot of props to management Pon Di Spot TV; they really pushed me a far way," she said.

Ijah Palmer, the owner of Pon Di Spot TV and Daniiboo's manager, told Dancers' Paradise that he only hired her for specific dancing roles initially.

However, her amazing talent sparked his interest to assist in the development of her career.

"Mi like har talent, so mi decide fi manage har. I singled out Dani because she was a special talent, but we had to work on her shyness and get her into the events. She is not afraid to dance, but she was always afraid to speak on camera and that was hard because you can never get her to say anything much," he said.

Palmer also targeted social media by launching a video show titled The Daniiboo Show.

This gave the dancer the opportunity to interact with dancehall fans and by so doing created a fan base for her.

Following the success of the show, Daniiboo's following on Instagram grew from 19,000 to over 153,000.

Unlike the other leading female figures on the dancehall scene, Daniiboo was able to acquire fame without winning the annual Dancehall Queen competition.

Palmer believes her star quality and beauty, in combination with her dancing skills, sets her apart.

"She doesn't go out regular. She always looks good therefore she always stands out," he said.

Daniiboo also encourages potential dancers to focus on their dreams and avoid paying attention to naysayers. She also hopes to own her own dance school as well as to teach dance classes.

Dancehall artiste Kalado recently released a song titled Boo Boo Wine, which pays homage to the dancer.

She also revealed that Boo Boo Wine was named by popular selector Jah Blast, who randomly gave one of her moves a name.

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