My Confession: Me did deh wid mi cousin


December 16, 2016

STAR, every summer me used to go look fi me granny a country. Mi used to love go down there fi go a river and par wid me friend them.

One particular summer when me go down, me meet a girl. Mi know she neva come from the community because me basically know everybody down there.

Plus, she did look nice and refined, prettier than all the other girls them.

Every day me used to go over her yard to look fi her, because she say she like me company.

Before long, a me and her that a go down a bush go do things. We went to the bush very regular, if you know what I mean.

Because me did a leave the yard every day and me granny couldn't find me when she want me, she start cuss and gwaan bad, asking where me a go every day.

She even use her favourite quote, "You gwaan, wha sweet nanny goat a go run him belly!"

So me start back answer her and a tell her say mi no inna no bad company a just me friend ova Miss Berta* me a look for.

Same time she start warn me, say me must take me eye off the little young girl ova there because we a family.

STAR, me neva ready fi dah one deh, because me personally bun out 'family ram'. But at the same time, me couldn't stop have feelings fi me cousin.

From that day, me stay far from her. A just recently when me go visit me granny me run into her and me start hail her back because it's a small community, and news travel fast.

We couldn't live it down if people find out say me did deh wid me cousin.

*Name changed

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