Life & Times : Little Nahaliah is christened

December 17, 2016
Bishop Donald Dawson holds little Nahaliah as he blesses her in dedication to God.
Nadine Thompson holds her daughter Nahaliah, while her husband Godfrey Thompson and others stand with her in support.

Sunday, December 4 will long be remembered by Nadine and Godfrey Thompson of Sanguinetti in Clarendon.

It was the day on which they brought their baby daughter Nahaliah to the Sanguinetti New Testament Church of God to be christened.

With Mrs Thompson holding her daughter and her husband and others standing with her in support, the two parents listened attentively to every word of instruction given by Bishop Donald Dawson, who presided over the sacred ceremony.

They were told that they should train up Nahaliah in the way she should go, because when she gets old she will not depart from it.

Dawson reminded them that the family is a divine institution which has been ordained and honoured of God since the beginning of time, and that children are a heritage of the Lord, given to parents for their care, protection and training for His glory.

"It is the duty of every parent to recognise this obligation and solemn responsibility to both God and the child in this matter," he said.

He told the couple they need to recognise the sacredness of their charge and to sincerely accept responsibility for the nurture and admonition of Nahaliah.




The parents pledged to bring up their daughter in the fear of the Lord, lead her early to Christ as her personal Lord and Saviour, and set before her examples of a godly and consistent life.

Dawson called on God to cover the baby girl under His blood, protect her from every sickness and disease and generational curse that might be passed on from members of her family.

"Let not the enemy have dominion over the home. Let not the enemy have dominion over this child's life. We come against everything that can be passed on to this child or overtake this child in the future," prayed Bishop Dawson.

He called upon God to allow the baby to be the individual that He (God) has destined her to be.

He also asked the Lord to cover her throughout her schooling.

"Father, when the time is right, please lay your hands upon her and transform her life, Lord, that she will become an evangelist or a minister; whatever you destined her to be in the name of Jesus," he prayed.

He also prayed that Nahaliah would bring peace to the home and deliverance to the family.

"Provide for the mother and the father so that they will be able to provide for this child in my hand," pleaded Dawson to God.

Nahaliah was born at the Mandeville Hospital on August 2.


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