CHRISTMAS IN A FOREIGN LAND: Tasha Segree braces for icy Christmas in Sweden


December 19, 2016
It has been showing since November in Sweden.
It has been showing since November in Sweden.
Tasha Segree

It has been snowing in Stockholm, Sweden, for months and Jamaican Tasha Segree is enjoying it.

In a matter of days she will be spending her second Christmas in the Nordic country, but unlike last year when it was warm and cozy, Segree said all indications point to a cold, icy holiday.

"Christmas in Sweden is different," said the Jamaican who teaches science at an English international school.

"You miss home and know there is no place like spending Christmas at home with family and friends, but, on the other hand, you also get to experience a new culture with new family and friends," she told THE STAR.

"The last time I spent Christmas in Jamaica was in 2013. I really miss the street parties, the loudness, the food, family and friends. I miss the fact that I can go out and not worry about the cold," she said

Segree, who is from Standfast Road, Brown's Town, St Ann, left for Europe nearly a decade ago and spent a few of her Christmas holidays in England.

"The weather in Sweden at winter is desolate, Arctic and crisp. There is none like it that I've experienced before," she said.

"As a Jamaican, I am not eagerly anticipating the snow. I am anticipating the end of the season, when there will be no snow outside. However, it seems quite possible we will have snow this Christmas, as it has been falling since November. This would make a perfect Christmas for Swedes, but a nuisance for a Jamaican," said Segree, while adding that when it snows in Sweden it is absolutely beautiful.

"All the trees in the forests are frozen," said Segree, adding that Christmas in Sweden is different.

"It is very cold outside and not a lot of festivities go on. However, inside is very warm, with a lot of people drinking glogg, eating, playing games and just cuddling around a fireplace. Sweden is a family-oriented country so most families take the opportunity to just be with each other. The houses are beautifully decorated with candles, which was a difference for me, but it's absolutely gorgeous, especially when there is snow on the ground," she said.

Swedes celebrate Christmas on December 24. That is when families exchange presents and sit down together for the traditional Christmas feast.

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