Fass & Curious: Politician admitted in hospital for five days after election loss


December 19, 2016

What's up, my peeps? First of all, let me say big up to the peeps that has been emailing. Your comments and response are much appreciated. We are almost at the end of another year, and without you, the readers, Fass & Curious would not have been such as a success. I really thank you!

Now, the other day I had one of the most interesting drive from Barbican to Half-Way Tree in St Andrew. A 'butch-looking' girl in the back of the taxi and a man argued about who runs the country.

"Big man, you cya tell me nutten; no politician can run my head... . How yuh a go tell me what my property worth?"

The man tried to convinced her that there is a well established method.

"Dem have valuators and they tell you how much," he said.

The conversation started after road construction activities were noticed at one section along the route. We gathered that work is being undertaken to widen the road. The woman wanted to know what was going to happen to a shop that was at the roadside. The man sitting opposite to her suggested that the shop owner will just have to relocate.

"They get pay for the place, so they have to move out," he said.

But the woman was furious.

"Move out of what? Yuh mussy mad! Government cya buy my property. How dem gonna decide what I must sell it for and it is mine. Hey, yuh see a unuh mek government mek dem feel like we nuh have nuh talk. If everybody come togedda and say sumn cya hapm, den dem affi gweh," she bellowed.

"Look pon the politician upa (location deleted), him buy out the whole a top road; buy dem bike and dem nuh vote fi him. Him still lose the election and see him end up a hospital fi five day. The man dem get smart. Them tek the money from both side and still nuh vote," she contiued.


"Me tell the man seh give me 80 gran and him a talk bout 20 gran, like me nuh used to money. Give me a 80 gran one time so me feel like me have something. KMT. Think me a vote fi dem and then me a tek taxi and dem a drive pass me in dem big vehicle. KMT. Unuh fi wise up. "

"Yuh see me? No government cya talk fi me 'cause I don't vote. Me a government fi my own yard. Me use them road and go back a me yard, dem nuh have no talk deh so."

At this point, she was just ranting like a raging bull and cursing. The other man could barely get a word in.

Despite the way she expressed herself, one will have to agree that there is always some sense to every nonsense, and even fools have their tale. Enjoy the festive season. Until next year, be good!

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