Rifical team says dancing is spiritual

December 23, 2016
Contributed Gozilla Rifical

Rifical dance crew has been dancing together for more than a decade and has no immediate plans to slow down.

Godzilla Rifical, the deputy leader of the dance crew, revealed that they now have 12 members, including their first female.

Godzilla, who is currently on tour in Portugal, said Rifical had their own tour bus modified with their image.

"We were once dancing around Shelly Bell. We then changed our name to M.O.B dancers, and now we are the Rifical Team," he explained.

"We have also recorded songs like So Rifical and Cheer Fi Di Girl Dem. We live what we do and do what we live, and that is why we say spiritual Rifical," he said, noting that the group dances in happy and sad times.

"Being around us, fans feel like they have known us for years, and that is because of our vibes, energy, and spirit," he said.

The veteran dancer also stated that the dancehall space is now becoming unified.

"Each one help one, and when there is help, there is power. The girls are doing their thing, they are unified, and the selectors and the artistes are showing some level of oneness. The vibe is just spiritual, and we can see where the tourists that come to Jamaica are loving the vibe," he said.

The crew will be launching their dance studio in 2017, and he highlighted that they had already begun to purchase equipment.

They will also collaborate with Richie Stephens and the Ska Nation band for a tour.

"We are looking to become megastars and to give off positive energy to inspire the youth through our work," Godzilla said.

He said that the crew aims to stand out instead of fit in.

"We have different moves and techniques that we bring to dancehall in the streets. We also record our own songs to promote dances. We travel a lot, and we don't rely on artistes to sing songs to promote us. We just want people to recognise our talents and know that we are special and have a lot to offer," he said.

He also encouraged dancers to stay true to their art and be determined.

"Don't be discouraged because from you have faith, you can move mountain or can walk on the water, like Peter. I want to see more dancers travelling the world and takeing part in the cultural exchange. I want them to see a different part of the world and be able to speak about it because all we need is opportunity," he said.

Godzilla is best known for his Godzilla dance move that was endorsed by Future Fambo. The crew is now promoting a new dance called 'Fourth Column'.

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