My Confession: My sugar daddy gave me $500 to buy clothes


December 30, 2016

STAR, from me inna high school me body big, so me always look older than me age, and man always a look me from me young.

When me inna fifth form, one of me teacher start put argument to me. He was a very old man with wife and children, and all of them were older than me.

One day, when me carry me book to him fi him mark it, him put note say him want to see me after class to discuss the subject matter some more.

To be honest, me figure that he wanted to talk to me about more than just school. Mi did hesitate, because, like me say, him old and grey up. Him neva attractive at all. Him belly big, mouth long, him talk funny, and he was always serious and miserable in class.

Mi friends them convince me to go meet him because him look like him have money. Dem say him house nice and him drive big car. The first evening was a Friday, and him carry me and mi friends to get KFC. After that, him ask me fi a kiss. Mi nearly vomit when me see inna him mouth, but mi do it because me think him woulda give me more things, since that's how me understand the sugar daddy business to go.

But every weekend, a just KFC him want to carry me go, then a come put sex argument to me. Mi tell him say me will think about it. Mi tell him mi want money to buy clothes and him give me $500! When mi ask him what that can do, him tell me say a nuff money that fi school pickney, sand that's all him can afford afta me nyam him out.

Right there and then, me tell him say it nah go work, so him must not look in my direction again! Brite and feisty! All now it bun me.

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