Shakespeare benefits from Chi Ching's dance song

December 30, 2016
Dancer Shakespeare
Chi Ching Ching

Popular dancer Shakespeare is riding high with the success of his dance move titled Rock the World.

The dancer has been promoting the dance move for quite sometime, however with Chi Ching Ching's recent endorsement, the dancer believes the catchy dance will become a dancehall classic.

"The progress of this dance is more than a God blessing, so mi haffi just give thanks because it is growing around the world. Rock the World is the easiest dance, and you don't need no bathroom glass to do this one," he told Dancers' Paradise.

The award-winning dancer said he is the one who approached Ching Ching Ching with the intention of selling the dance move as a potential hit.

"I went to him a few times and said, 'Yow Ching, yuh know mi have a bad dance name Rock the World and it a guh run the world.' He asked me to show him the move, and from mi show him the dance, him love it. Since Ching do the song for the dance, it grow. Even the kids on the breast nipple love it. It was a team effort between Collo Squad and my friend Famous inna Italy, who is doing Rock the World same way. So, mi just give thanks same way because even Japan a rock like di Church on the Rock," he said, laughingly.


Shakespeare explained that the dance move represents dancehall in its purest form because it evokes happiness.

"When you talk about dancehall, you talk about Rock the World because this dance brings about happiness. Even the thugs in the corner who don't really dance much want to Rock The World," he said.

The accompanying song, which is also called Rock the World, will be featured on Chi Ching Ching's upcoming EP, Turning Table, that will be released on January 6. The dancer is also looking forward to filming a music video for the dance and song in coming weeks.

"Big up Boom Boom, Chi Ching Ching, Collo Squad, Famous, Gabbidon, Kool Kid, Energy, Stone Love Sound System, Fire Links, Fada Pow, Stainy same speed. I am also going to be featured on a song called Bobo Rock with Bugle in 2017, so people can look out for that," he said.

Meanwhile, Shakespeare was also awarded the Best Male Dancer at the recently concluded Weddy Weddy Anniversary, while his crew Collo Squad was awarded Best Dance Crew at Stone Love Anniversary.

"A just blessings, and wi a give things, and wi a look forward to bigger things in 2017," he said.

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