Smart twins keep learning from each other

December 31, 2016
George Henry Sandre (left) and Andre White

SandrE and AndrE White are twin brothers from Coleyville in Manchester.

They were born at the Percy Junor Hospital in Manchester, nine seconds apart on November 7, 2001, with Andre being the first out the womb.

The boys, who are now attending Spalding High School in Clarendon, told THE STAR's Life and Times that they are happy to be twins.

"It is really a good thing to be twins because we can stick together in good and bad times; we are able to do things together," shared Andre.

This was endorsed by SandrE, who added that twins should help each other doing school-work and other activities.

He said they both try as best as possible to do schoolwork together so that they can achieve the best results academically.

Andre's favourite subjects are mathematics and language arts while Sandre's are mathematics and science.

The White brothers bragged that their achievements from basic school to high school so far have been positive.

This they attribute to the fact they are twins. They noted that whatever one does not know, he always learns it from the other.

"What I do not know I learn from my twin. In schoolwork he helps me and I help him. As it relates to home chores, we work as a team. Most of the time we work together; we also go places together," said Sandre.

The White twins have interest in football and cricket. Even though they do not play the sports, they share interest as spectators, and they try to learn about other sporting activities as well.

Not only do they love sports, but they also made it clear that they love the Lord, hence they both attend church as often as possible.

Like most identical twins, SandrE and AndrE have been mistaken for each other, especially while attending primary school.

They said even now persons mistakenly call one by the other's name.

"Sometimes they call and I would go for SandrE. Even teachers had difficulty at school," said AndrE.

The sons of Patricia Elliott and Barry White, both expressed interest in joining the Jamaica Defence Force after leaving high school. Their taste buds are also similar.

They enjoy rice and peas and chicken. However, Sandre also enjoys fried fish. Sandre loves mango juice, while Andre prefers pineapple.

The boys, who revealed there are other twins in their family on their father's side, said they would marry twin sisters.


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