Dancers' Paradise: Ganggoolie does new dance song for females

January 06, 2017

Deejay Ganggoolie is currently promoting a new dance move called 'bomb it up'. According to the artiste, who is credited for breaking dance moves like 'muscle wine' and 'puppytail', he loves to give female dancers support for their efforts.

"I have to support female dances because a dem wi go dance for. More time yuh just drink a juice and watch dem a do dem thing," he said.

The 'bomb it up' dance was created by Twin Star Dancers, and is currently in it's infant stage of promotion. However, Ganggoolie said the choreography has potential to become the next dancehall trend.


"I saw them doing the dance, and mi see seh dem need the help, so I decided to do a song for it. The dance is unique, and I like the fact that it is not a remix like what I see many dancers doing these days. You can't remake 'butterfly' dance and call it 'grasshopper', then say you are creative," he said.

The deejay also has plans of filming a music video for the dance song, but expressed that he wanted it to grow naturally.

"We are doing ground promotion and people are into it. The song is about three weeks old, but we nah rush the video because music takes time. I can feel like the dance and the song bad, but the fans might have a different view, so we have to make it marinate with the audience first," Ganggoolie said.

The artiste also requested the support of fans of Jamaican dance moves.

"People must support this because it is for the ladies, and we love to see the ladies dancing instead of a bag of man. It is important to support this dance because it is made in Jamaica, and the world is looking to us for new dances, music and trends in entertainment,' he said.

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